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A Few Of Our Restorations

1965 Schwinn Deluxe Stingray 1965 Schwinn Deluxe Stingray 1965 Sky Blue Schwinn Deluxe Stingray Lovingly restored with extremely high attention to detail. This customer walked into Ferguson's Bike Shop one day and said, "Can you help me find my Childhood bike? I want it to be perfect so I can hang it on the wall of my rec room. Our answer, "Yes we can!" 195647102 1965 Schwinn De Luxe Stingray Chainguard Correct reverse silk screened De Luxe Stingray chain guard just like the Chicago Factory did it in 1965. Correct color matched paints shot by the best combine to make your Candy Colored dreams come true! 195647103 Schwinn Sitngray Restoration Craftsmanship! Sky Blue and Chrome. Hand pounding the fender and chain guard rivets is just another detail done to original specifications. 195647104 1965 Banana Seat Muscle Bike Flashback N.O.S. Schwinn Chubby White Grips and Schwinn cable housing make the difference. 195647105 Schwinn Stingray Two Speed. Bendix Two Speed Kick Back "Overdrive" rear hub. 195647106 Schwinn High Loop Sissy Bar. Gulco Reflector Schwinn Stingray High Loop Sissy Bar and Correct Gulco "Bright Star" Stimpsonite No. 12A (SAE A60) split Red Schwinn Stingray Reflector. 195647107 1965 Schwinn Stingray Deep Tufted White Bucket Banana Seat This Seat was recovered using original fabric rescued from the Person's Factory before they sold the building and all of the original tooling and machinery and closed the doors forever. Nothing looks better than the real thing! 195647108